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About Us

About Viraj Industries Inc

Welcome to VIRAJ INDUSTRIES INC. - the Gateway to fulfill your needs of Engineering components from India.

VIRAJ is a 1-stop shop for pipe-fittings and valve. We consolidate and distribute steel and alloy flanges, fittings, valve, pipe, fasteners, and related materials. Our strategic supply agreements, consolidation / packaging capabilities, and in-house logistics result in us providing a faster, cheaper, and better solution than our competition. VIRAJ achieves this while maintaining unmatched quality. Our material complies with various national and international standards, including ASME, ANSI, NACE, API, AWWA, DIN, JIS and customer-provided specifications.

Our team comprises of people adept at Designing, Manufacturing, following up and assuring the quality at every stage. We are always open for business. Our Customer Support Team keeps the customer fully informed on the progress of their ordered items with Daily and Weekly reports. Customer queries are replied within 24 hours at the most. For our customers in the USA and Europe, owing to the time difference, we get back to their queries on the same day.

All the possible problems are identified at the inception stage and their solution is found and implemented. Close liaison with the customer ensures smooth and efficient development and implementation of the project.

Our Quality Assurance team leaves nothing to chance. Strict adherence to the standards, specifications and customer's requirement is demanded and met with. Stage wise Inspection is a must. Final inspection, often with cross checking with third testing house ensures compliance of the finished material with the requirements.

Most important, we protect your intellectual property rights most zealously. We take steps to ensure that your vital drawings, data and tools are not misused in any conceivable way. We stand guard on your property.

How do we Operate?

We get to work even before we sign the contract with our customer.
  • The item is evaluated thoroughly at the inquiry stage only. The right process is identified before we submit our quote to you.
  • On signing up of the contract with our customer, we make our own set of drawings-models, devise Quality standards as well as Implementation Schedule.
  • The prototypes are inspected and the material specification and properties are cross verified with Testing house having International Traceability.
  • On approval of Prototype, we work out the delivery schedules and monitor the progress closely.
  • Stage inspection by our Quality Assurance team at every stage assures conformance with the standards.
  • After the goods are produced, a vigorous final Quality check is performed, often involving third testing houses and then the goods are shipped through the fastest possible means.
  • We track the progress of consignment right up to our customer's end.
  • Once the material has been delivered, our job is not over. We interact with our customer on the verdict of our material. We are satisfied only after 100% of the material supplied by us is accepted by our customer - every time, every batch.
  • We are in continuous touch with our customers. We try to work out a pattern of their requirements so that we are ready to deliver when our customers want the material. Emergencies always occur. In such cases, we see to it that the material is produced in record time and delivered at the right time.